Job Hazard Analysis

We have been collaborating as a team on new ideas and concepts that include the use of Job Hazard Analysis by incorporating Human Performance and general improvement of safety and health into to safety systems and safety culture development.

For further details review our following book:  James Roughton and Nathan Crutchfield are the co-authors of “Job Hazard Analysis, A Guide for Voluntary Compliance and Beyond”, Butterworth Heinemann, 2008.    We encourage you to participate in our Job Hazard Analysis discussion by leaving comments and/or feedback on our site.

I have spent most of my career in the area of risk control consulting. I joined the insurance industry after a brief stint in the Army followed by working as a civil engineering designer. These “jobs” gave me a wealth of experience across a broad spectrum of human behaviors, concepts and knowledge that I have been able to use throughout my career. While I did not go that far in either endeavor, they gave me perspective on organizations and people that set a tone for my life. Some of what I learned included the importance of having a mission and assuring that everyone involved understands that mission, organizing activities into a project, the need to work with and maintain a positive relationship with others, and how to best coordinate a team of specialists.

From the Army, I learned that structure is essential and everyone has to do their part. That the details of a mission must be mastered. It is a great accomplishment if your armored cavalry unit achieves its objective in a short period of time. But if resupplies of fuel, food, parts and personnel, as well as coordination with other units are not effective, then that achievement can be relatively short-lived - literally.

I left civil engineering because the work environment did not suit me well as I found the design room confining. I was not suited to a somewhat static work environment. The work was diverse but having to stay in one area or office was the issue. The work I have done since leaving that field allowed me to meet many people, see diverse work environments, see and learn how things are made, assist in solving complex problems and improving the wor

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“Safety Culture, An Innovative Leadership Approach” by James Roughton and Nathan Crutchfield was published  by Elsevier in September, 2013.   The Table of Contents is shown below and lists the topics we believe should be part of an overall approach to developing and sustaining a Safety Management System as well as enhance the  organizational safety culture. image

  Our book includes:

Part 1 – Laying the Foundation The Perception of Safety Analyzing the Organizational Culture Analyzing and Using Your Network Setting the Direction for the Safety Culture

Part 2, Safety Management Systems Defined Overview of Basic Safety Management Systems Management Leadership: Demonstrating Commitment Leadership and the Effective Safety Culture Employee Involvement

Part 3, How to Handle the Perception of Risk Risk Perception - Defining How to Identify Personal Responsibility Risk Management Principles Developing an Activity-Based Safety System Developing the Job Hazard Analysis

Part 4, Tools to Enhance Your Safety Management Education and Training - Assessing Safety Training Needs Assessing Your Safety Management System Becoming a Curator for the Safety Management System– Final Words, Can You Develop a Culture that Will Sustain Itself?  Videos and presentations are posted over in Safety Culture Plus.

We’ve had many discussions about organizational culture, the subset of safety culture, human performance improvement and many more concepts that might improve the work environment. As the Job Hazard Analysis is critical to the development of a strong organizational culture that embraces safety, we  will continue to cover concepts learned while researching the concepts of culture and how the culture impacts how jobs get done.    

No Time for Job Hazard Analysis!

April 5, 2013 Job Hazard Analysis

A key emphasis within a safety management system is on hazard identification and risk assessment .   Inspections and general good safety practice go a long way in identifying hazards and associated risk.  However, to dig into the details of how loss producing conditions are created requires completion of a Job Hazard Analysis.    While JHAs are […]

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2013 JHA First Quarter Review

April 1, 2013 Job Hazard Analysis

The first quarter of 2013 has just ended and it is time to assess the status of your Job Hazard Analysis Process.   If, as we have discussed in previous posts, you believe that the JHA can act as part of the foundation for your Safety Management System, then you should have a goal of developing […]

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Finally! Safety Culture Book has been sent to Publisher

March 11, 2013 Job Hazard Analysis

On Feb 28, we sent the book contents to the publisher for review and first phase of the publishing process.    I hope we can get back to addressing issues about job hazard analysis in the coming days, as well as begin weaving in some of the concepts we learned when researching out the book and […]

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